Creation of an Ultracold Gas of Ground-State Dipolar (NaRb)-Na-23-Rb-87 Molecules
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AbstractWe report the successful production of an ultracold sample of absolute ground-state (NaRb)-Na-23-Rb-87 molecules. Starting from weakly bound Feshbach molecules formed via magnetoassociation, the lowest rovibrational and hyperfine level of the electronic ground state is populated following a high-efficiency and high-resolution two-photon Raman process. The high-purity absolute ground-state samples have up to 8000 molecules and densities of over 10(11) cm(-3). By measuring the Stark shifts induced by external electric fields, we determined the permanent electric dipole moment of the absolute ground-state (NaRb)-Na-23-Rb-87 and demonstrated the capability of inducing an effective dipole moment over 1 D. Bimolecular reaction between ground-state (NaRb)-Na-23-Rb-87 molecules is endothermic, but we still observed a rather fast decay of the molecular sample. Our results pave the way toward investigation of ultracold molecular collisions in a fully controlled manner and possibly to quantum gases of ultracold bosonic molecules with strong dipolar interactions.
All Author(s) ListMingyang Guo, Bing Zhu, Bo Lu, Xin Ye, Fudong Wang, Romain Vexiau, Nadia Bouloufa-Maafa, Goulven Quéméner, Olivier Dulieu, Dajun Wang
Journal namePhysical Review Letters
Detailed descriptionArticle Number: 205303
Volume Number116
Issue Number20
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesPhysics, Multidisciplinary;Physics

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