Controlling the optical spin Hall effect with light
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AbstractThe optical spin Hall effect is a transport phenomenon of exciton polaritons in semiconductor microcavities, caused by the polaritonic spin-orbit interaction, which leads to the formation of spin textures. The control of the optical spin Hall effect via light injection in a double microcavity is demonstrated. Angular rotations of the polarization pattern up to 22 degrees are observed and compared to a simple theoretical model. The device geometry is responsible for the existence of two polariton branches which allows a robust independent control of the polariton spin and hence the polarization state of the emitted light field, a solution technologically relevant for future spin-optronic devices. Published by AIP Publishing.
All Author(s) ListLafont O, Luk SMH, Lewandowski P, Kwong NH, Leung PT, Galopin E, Lemaitre A, Tignon J, Schumacher S, Baudin E, Binder R
Journal nameApplied Physics Letters
Detailed descriptionArticle Number: 061108
Volume Number110
Issue Number6
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesPhysics, Applied;Physics

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