E-Learning Implementation in a Compulsory Science General Education Course
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摘要e-Learning is under rapid development and has become one of the most important trends in universities worldwide. Recent studies showed that e-Learning can enhance students’ learning and academic performance when it is appropriately incorporated into a course. This kind of pedagogy was adopted in a compulsory science general education course, In Dialogue with Nature, in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This course invites students to read influential science classic texts concerning human exploration on nature and reflect on the perennial human concerns brought up by the classics. To address the genuine needs of the students in understanding the giants’ work and having more in-depth reflections on the texts, three e-Learning initiatives have been implemented in this course. DiaNable, a mobile application, is a virtual reading companion to aid students’ reading. The micro-modules explain basic scientific concepts and relevant background knowledge for student to comprehend and reflect on the texts. Civilization 4, a commercial game for which is used as a gamification tool to let the students to experience the scientific developments in human history. Evaluation on these tools showed that they are effective in addressing the aims. With the integration of both e-Learning and face-to-face learning in the course design, students’ perceived learning outcomes attainment has significantly improved.
著者NG Ka-Leung Andy, CHEUNG Hang-Cheong Derek, KIANG Kai-Ming
會議名稱Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning (MAC-ETL 2016)
關鍵詞E-Learning, M-Learning, Gamification, Science Education, General Education, Course Evaluation

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