TrpC5 regulates differentiation through the Ca2+/Wnt5a signalling pathway in colorectal cancer.
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摘要Transient receptor potential channel 5 (TrpC5) is a member of the TrpC subgroup, and it forms a receptor-activated, non-selective Ca(2+) channel. The architecture of the TrpC5 channel is poorly understood. In the present study, we report that TrpC5 is a key factor in regulating differentiation in colorectal cancer (CRC). Through a study of specimens from a large cohort of patients with CRC, we found that TrpC5 was highly expressed and its cellular level correlated with tumour grade. We showed further that up-regulated TrpC5 caused a robust rise in intracellular calcium concentration [Ca(2+)]i, increased Wnt5a expression and the nuclear translocation of β-catenin, leading to a reduction in cancer differentiation and an increase in cancer cell stemness. Notably, patients with tumours that expressed high levels of TrpC5 showed significantly poorer disease-free and overall survival. Therefore, our findings suggest that TrpC5 is an independent adverse prognostic factor for death in CRC, reducing differentiation through the Ca(2+)/Wnt5a signalling pathway.
著者Zhen CHEN, Chunlei TANG, Yaodan ZHU, Mingxu XIE, Dongxu HE, Qiongxi PAN, Peng ZHANG, Dong HUA, Teng WANG, Linfang JIN, Xiaowei QI, Yifei ZHU, Xiaoqiang YAO, Jian JIN, Xin MA
期刊名稱Clinical science
頁次227 - 237

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