Effects of land cover change on soil organic carbon fractions in a subtropical mangrove wetland
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AbstractWhile coastal mangrove is regarded as one of the most carbon (C) rich ecosystems in the world, there is a need to characterize the magnitude of different fractions of soil organic C (SOC) pools to facilitate a better understanding of the lability of these stored C. Moreover, anthropogenic modifications of land cover for various purposes could alter the SOC fractions and thus the soil C sequestration potential of sites originally dominated by mangrove vegetation. In order to address the issue, we quantified the different SOC fractions, including the active (microbial biomass C, MBC; readily mineralizable C, RMC; oxidizable organic C, OC; water hydrolysable carbohydrate-C, WSC; acid hydrolysable carbohydrate-C, AHC; potassium permanganate oxidizable-C, POC), slow (water stable aggregates mass fractions C, particulate organic matter C, POMC), and passive (humic acid C, HAC) pools in the top 20 cm soils at three different locations, namely a natural mangrove dominated by Kandelia obovata, a reedbed dominated by Phragmites australis inside a tidal pond, and a bare mudflat with no vegetation. Irrespective of management practices, the different SOC fractions were found to be 15-40% higher in the top 10 cm soils. Overall, the magnitudes of various SOC pools and fractions were larger in the soils of the natural mangrove and reedbed than in the mudflat, which could be attributed in part to the enhanced rate of root growth and rhizodeposition. Also, considerable differences in the relative amount of active and passive SOC pools were identified among the three sites, and the possible causes of such variations will be further discussed. Our findings demonstrate the importance of taking into account the changes in land cover in maximizing the potential of mangrove soils in sequestering C over the long term.
All Author(s) ListNeogi S., Lai D.Y.F.
Name of ConferenceThe 10th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference
Start Date of Conference19/09/2016
End Date of Conference24/09/2016
Place of ConferenceChangsu
Country/Region of ConferenceUnited States of America
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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