Land and housing markets
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摘要Land and housing markets in China have invoked a wide range of scholarly debates. This is not simply because of the numerous and fundamental institutional changes that have taken place since the 1980s to redefine and regulate the relationships between land and its users. It is also because of the gradualism and dualism of China’s market reform, a diverse path of social and economic transformation. The path has been a peculiar trajectory of market transition that goes beyond the explanatory power of conventional theories. The first purpose of this chapter is to provide an overview of the history of establishing land and housing markets in China. The second purpose is to sketch out existing debates of, and approaches to understanding these markets. Too often we apply conventional interpretations of western theories to China by either ignoring or disparaging context-specificity and path-dependence that (re)frame China’s efforts in developing its land and housing markets.
著者Xu Jiang
編輯Weiping Wu, Mark W. Frazier
書名The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary China
出版社SAGE Publications Ltd
頁次898 - 919

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