Usability and usefulness of eBooks on PPCs: How students' opinions vary over time
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摘要The number of academic eBooks in university libraries is increasing. Reading digital materials such as newspapers is valued in Hong Kong; however, students' perceptions of the value of reading academic eMaterials are not well known. In this study we investigated 12 students' use of academic eBooks on mobile readers in two ways. Six students had brief introduction to eBooks and they reported their first impressions of the technology. The other six students had a 12-week eBook reading period that was closely monitored by the research team. The experiences from the two groups of students generally affirmed that the technology has potential to enhance teaching and learning in a university setting. However, the experiences (especially of the long-term users) highlight a number of challenges that need to be addressed. © 2008 Paul Lam, Shun Leung Lam, John Lam & Carmel McNaught.
著者Lam P., Lam S.L., Lam J., McNaught C.
會議名稱25th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education - "Hello? Where are you in the landscape of educational technology?", ASCILITE 2008
會議地點Burwood, VIC
詳細描述organized by ASCILITE,\n\nTo ORKTS: Best paper award.
頁次509 - 519
關鍵詞Ebooks, Evaluation, Mobile technology, Student perceptions

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