Water components retrieval in the pearl river estuary from meris data
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摘要Satellite remote sensing is a valuable tool in obtaining information on the processes taking place in the surface of sea and coastal waters. With currently advanced satellite-based data (e.g., MODIS and MERIS), a large number of variables concerning water quality conditions such as chlorophyll-a (Chl-a), total suspended matter (TSM), yellow substance, turbidity, salinity and sea surface temperature (SST) could be observed on a regular basis, which are also the primary steps to monitor harmful algal blooms (HABs). Based on MERIS reduced resolution L-1B product, atmospheric correction and water components are implemented via neural network in Case2Regional processor that ESA provides. Water leaving reflectances are calculated and show reasonable distribution compared with that directly from L-2 data. Chl-a and TSM concentrations are also retrieved and compared with L-2 data products, hich show that low Chl-a concentrations (<10mg/m3) retrieval is very close to that of L-2 data while TSM concentration are a little higher than that from L-2 data. However, the distribution and values range of Chl-a and TSM concentrations are accordant with the water quality in the study area. Still more in-situ data are needed to verify the accuracy of the water components retrieval from MERIS data. © 2008 IEEE.
著者Xi H., Zhang Y., Chen J.
會議名稱2008 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium - Proceedings
會議地點Boston, MA
詳細描述organized by IEEE International ,
關鍵詞Chl-a, MERIS, The Pearl River estuary, TSM

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