Determinants of appropriate antibiotic use in the community - A survey in Sydney and Hong Kong
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摘要A telephone survey was conducted in Hong Kong and Sydney to identify factors associated with appropriate antibiotic use in the community. The overall knowledge score was high in both cities. Satisfactory knowledge and appropriate attitude were associated with age >40, residency in Sydney, and a higher education level. Both residency in Sydney and good antibiotic knowledge were predictors of appropriate attitude. There was a higher expectation of antibiotics for minor ailments in Hong Kong than Sydney. In both cities, Sydney in particular, expectation for antibiotic prescription increased when one was sick or when there was fever. Completion of full course of treatment and a positive attitude were, however, associated with a good knowledge of antibiotics, irrespective of one's residency and demographics. The promotion of proper use of antibiotic requires not just good knowledge and a positive attitude, but an understanding of one's expectations at different stages of illnesses. © Infection Prevention Society 2008.
著者Lee S.S., Yau B., Huang J.Q., You J.H.S.
期刊名稱British Journal of Infection Control
出版社Infection Control Nurses Association
出版地United Kingdom
頁次6 - 9
關鍵詞Antibiotic, Attitude, Hong Kong, Respiratory tract infection, Sydney

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