A study on the perception of students towards educational weblogs
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摘要Weblogs are a popular form of easy-to-use personal publishing that has attracted millions of bloggers to share their personal thoughts, opinions, and knowledge on the web. The versatility of weblogs as a communication medium has attracted interests from educators. Educational applications of weblogs have so far included journals, e-portfolio, learning diaries, and logbooks. As in the case of other educational technologies, the perception of students is a determinant factor of whether weblogs are used in a way that elicits educational values. This paper investigates student perception towards the purposes of blogging. It reports an experience of introducing blogging tasks to third year computing students, and compares their perception with students not participating in the blogging tasks. A student perception model is proposed to explain the difference in the perception due to the experience in blogging. The paper concludes that mandatory use of weblogs in a course can gradually cultivate educationally sound perceptions in students despite of the observed misuse. © 2006 Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius.
著者Lui A.K., Choy S.-O., Cheung Y.H.Y., Li S.C.
期刊名稱Informatics in Education
出版社Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
頁次233 - 254
關鍵詞Blogging, Educational blogging, Feedback model, Student perception, Weblog

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