Interrogation of genomes by molecular copy-number counting (MCC)
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AbstractHuman cancers and some congenital traits are characterized by cytogenetic aberrations including translocations, amplifications, duplications or deletions that can involve gain or loss of genetic material. We have developed a simple method to precisely delineate such regions with known or cryptic genomic alterations. Molecular copy-number counting (MCC) uses PCR to interrogate miniscule amounts of genomic DNA and allows progressive delineation of DNA content to within a few hundred base pairs of a genomic alteration. As an example, we have located the junctions of a recurrent nonreciprocal translocation between chromosomes 3 and 5 in human renal cell carcinoma, facilitating cloning of the breakpoint without recourse to genomic libraries. The analysis also revealed additional cryptic chromosomal changes close to the translocation junction. MCC is a fast and flexible method for characterizing a wide range of chromosomal aberrations. © 2006 Nature Publishing Group.
All Author(s) ListDaser A., Thangavelu M., Pannell R., Forster A., Sparrow L., Chung G., Dear P.H., Rabbitts T.H.
Journal nameNature Methods
Volume Number3
Issue Number6
PublisherNature Publishing Group
Place of PublicationUnited Kingdom
Pages447 - 453
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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