Legal Dimensions of China's Belt and Road Initiative
Edited book (editor)


摘要The Belt and Road (B&R) initiative was announced by China's President Xi Jinping in 2013 and has been a topic of broad discussion at all levels since then. Despite the fact that its tremendous significance for local, regional and global developments is widely acknowledged the precise scope, aims and even the participating countries of the initiative are not yet clearly defined.

This book discusses related aspects comprehensively from the legal point of view. It paints a fascinating picture of the multi-facetted legal character of the B&R initiative and establishes a framework for future research and a basis for policy initiatives, legislative projects as well as practical legal services on the ground.

The 24 Chapters of the book are authored by leading experts in their respective fields. They address a great variety of B&R topics with a focus on China and its rapidly increasing outward activities

The book provides a comprehensive theoretical analysis as well as up-to-date practical guidance on legal questions arising out of the B&R initiative. It is a must-have not only for China experts, but for everybody involved in globalization and cross-border work be it in academia, politics, media, business or the legal profession.
編輯Lutz-Christian Wolff, Chao Xi, Jenny Chan
出版社Wolters Kluwer

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