Combining EO-1 Hyperion and ENVISAT ASAR Data for Mangrove Species Classification in Mai Po Ramsar Site, Hong Kong
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AbstractMangrove habitat is one of the most highly productive ecosystems. The distribution of mangrove species acts as an inventory to formulate conservation management plans. This study explored the potential of combining hyperspectral (Earth-observing (EO)-1 Hyperion) and multi-temporal synthetic aperture radar (SAR) (Environmental Satellite (Envisat) ASAR) data, supported by in situ field surveys, to map mangrove species. Hyperspectral imaging captures a number of narrow contiguous spectral bands providing richer spectral details than those obtained from traditional broadband sensors. All-weather radar sensing allows continuous data acquisition and its signal penetrability can reveal canopy structural characteristics, which offer an additional data dimension that is not available in optical sensing. Through combining the two data types, this study achieved three objectives. First, facing the issue of dimensionality and limited field samples, feature selection techniques from computer science were adopted to select spectral and radar features that are crucial for mangrove species discrimination. Second, classification accuracy using various combinations of spectral and radar features was evaluated. Third, classification algorithms including maximum likelihood (ML), decision tree (DT), artificial neural network (ANN), and support vector machine (SVM) were used to estimate species distribution, and classification accuracy was compared. Results suggested that feature selection techniques are capable of identifying salient features in spectral and radar space that can effectively discriminate between mangrove species. Combining optical and radar data can improve classification accuracy. Among the classifiers, ANN produces more accurate and robust estimation.
Acceptance Date29/08/2014
All Author(s) ListFrankie K.K. Wong, Tung Fung
Journal nameInternational Journal of Remote Sensing
Volume Number35
Issue Number23
PublisherTaylor and Francis
Pages7828 - 7856
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsHyperion, Mangrove, Species Classification

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