Synthesis of Cycloocta[2,1-B-3,4-B']Diquinoline and Cycloocta[2,1-B-3,4-B']Di[1,8]Naphthyridine, and X-Ray Crystal-Structures of Cycloocta[2,1-B-3,4-B']Diquinoline and Its 2-1 Complex with Copper (I) Perchlorate
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AbstractNew compounds containing a diquinoline or 1,8-dinaphthyridine nucleus fused to the molecular skeleton of cyclooctatetraene have been synthesized. An X-ray analysis of cycloocta[2,1-b:3,4-b′] diquinoline () has revealed that the molecule contains a C2 axis. The reaction of with copper (II) perchlorate furnished a complex of formula [()2Cu]ClO4, the coordination geometry about the copper (I) atom being that of a flattened tetrahedron.
All Author(s) ListWANG XC, WONG HNC, MAK TCW
Journal nameTetrahedron Letters
Volume Number28
Issue Number47
Pages5833 - 5836
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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