Nanorobotic Manipulation of Helical Nanostructures
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摘要On the basis of recently developed rolled-up nanofabrication processes, 3D helical nanostructures, such as tubes, rings, coils, and spirals, have been created in a highly controllable manner. Nanorobotic manipulation tools and processes for these structures are overviewed in this chapter. Focusing on the unique aspects of manipulating 3D helical nanostructures due to their helical geometry, high elasticity, single-end fixation on a chip, and strong adhesion of the coils to the substrate due to wet etching, a series of new processes has been developed using the manipulator installed in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) or under an optical microscope. These processes demonstrate the effectiveness of manipulation for the characterization of the 3D helical nanostructures and their assembly for nanoelectro- mechanical systems (NEMS), which have otherwise been unavailable. In situ characterization of as-fabricated helical nanobelts is one of the main applications of the basic nanorobotic manipulation processes.
著者Dong L., Zhang L., Yu M., Nelson B.J.
編輯ed. by Y. Sun and X. Y. Liu.
詳細描述ed. by Y. Sun and X. Y. Liu.
頁次477 - 503
關鍵詞Helical nanobelts, Helical nanostructures, Nanoelectro-mechanical systems, Nanoroboticmanipulation tools, Scanning electron microscope

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