Blood Pressure Management with Data Capturing in the Cloud among Hypertensive Patients: A Monitoring Platform for Hypertensive Patients
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摘要Hypertension is a significant modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular and kidney disease, and blood pressure (BP) control is a very important step for cardiovascular risk management. Recently, home telemonitoring BP has been suggested as an effective tool for BP control and been commonly used in Western countries. Application of technology for healthcare management becomes a trend. Health data is usually longitudinal and voluminous, an effective data management would improve the quality of healthcare service. In order to deal with the volume, variety and velocity of medical data, cloud technology has opened a new horizon, especially data for medical research. Boosting the current home telemonitoring BP system with an automatic data capturing cloud technology along with healthcare provider alert function would be a pioneer. In this study, a cloud-connected personal-based BP meter will be transformed to a research-based BP data capturing cloud platform and will observe daily use of BP measurement and upload data to the cloud through a USB hub and internet-connected personal computer. All personal identity can be decoded and a study identity number will be assigned to each user for data privacy protection. The cloud platform enables easy access for different parties from anywhere, high speed performance, strong infrastructure support and vigorous data analysis power.
著者Yip B., Hirai H.W., Kuo Y.-H., Meng H.M., Wong S., Tsoi K.K.F.
會議名稱4th IEEE International Congress on Big Data, BigData Congress 2015
會議地點New York City
詳細描述organized by IEEE Computer Society, 27 June – 2 July 2015,
頁次305 - 308
關鍵詞Big Data Processing, Blood Pressure, Cloud Platform, Hypertension

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