Managing organizational change in Hong Kong
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摘要Change is inevitable. Indeed, research indicates that change management is the most important problem faced by the human resource professionals.1 Thus, one of the major challenges facing managers and HR professionals is how to help their employees through change in the constant state of flux of most working environments. However, we find that many organizational change programmes have failed to achieve the desired results. Though recognizing the importance of change to restoring competitiveness, managers can ignore the emotional responses and human dimensions of their employees when they succumb to the temptations of quick fixes and simple solutions. Change can thus be perceived as threatening to organizations and employees. The objectives of this chapter are to provide case studies of organizational change in Hong Kong and highlight critical success factors for implementing change. The implications for line managers and HR professionals as strategic partners and change agents in organizational change are emphasized. Some past studies of organizational change will be reviewed and reasons for their failure will be highlighted. Reasons for undergoing organizational change will not be discussed since they have been adequately covered elsewhere. © 2009 by Hong Kong University Press, HKU. All rights reserved.
著者Tsui A.P.Y., Li D.
編輯ed. by Anna P.Y. Tsui and K.T. Lai.
詳細描述ed. by Anna P.Y. Tsui and K.T. Lai.
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