Prospective teachers' self-efficacy in English language teaching: Implications for teacher education in Hong Kong
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摘要Self-efficacy beliefs regarding the teaching of English language in reading, writing, listening, and speaking were assessed in a sample of 55 prospective Chinese teachers who were trained to teach English as a second language in Hong Kong. These teachers reported that their sense of self-efficacy in teaching speaking and writing seemed to go together, whereas their sense of self-efficacy in teaching reading emerged as relatively distinct. Prospective teachers with teaching-practice experience did report significantly higher scores on self-efficacy in teaching speaking-writing than those without teachingpractice experience. Implications of the findings for efforts to enhance teaching performance through enhancing teaching self-efficacy are discussed. The use of information technology such as blog-based teaching portfolio is suggested to provide an avenue through which prospective teachers' self-efficacy beliefs could be closely examined to provide insights into the changes of self-efficacy in relation to teaching effectiveness. © 2010 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.
著者Chan D.W., Tang E.L.Y., Lee J.C.K., Chun C.K.W.
編輯ed. by Mary Lee Albertson.
詳細描述ed. by Mary Lee Albertson.
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