Applying numerical simulation for wind availability: Studies of urban morphology for urban planning in Hong Kong
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摘要To design a well ventilated environment for densely populated areas has always been a challenge for urban planners. The wind availability at pedestrian level is especially crucial in hot and humid climate. Given the same wind availability, the urban microclimates within the same region of the city could be very different due to various urban morphologies. Planners could control a number of design parameters like building bulk, building alignment and site coverage to prevent wind blockage and increase the wind availability. This paper aims to provide urban design guidelines for future development in order to increase the pedestrian level wind availability in congested hot and humid urban situations based on real examples in Hong Kong. Our study focused on how different urban morphologies would affect the pedestrian level air ventilation in the city and resulted in different microclimates. To achieve this, results of a LES feasibility study of two selected urban areas in Hong Kong, which is conducted by Leibniz University of Hannover, would be analyzed and some urban design guidelines would be recommended.
著者Kathy L.P.Y., Vince Y.K.P., Edward N.Y.Y.
會議名稱26th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture: Architecture Energy and the Occupant's Perspective, PLEA 2009
會議地點Quebec City, QC
詳細描述organized by Laval University,
關鍵詞Air ventilation, Building morphology, Urban planning

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