Effectiveness and safety of intragastric balloon for treatment of morbid obesity
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摘要Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of intragastric balloon (IGB) for the treatment of obese Chinese. Methods: IGB was placed into the stomachs of 48 Chinese patients in Hong Kong, 13 males and 35 females; aged 39 ± 9 (18-65), with the mean baseline body weight (BW) of 106 ± 26 kg and mean body mass index (BMI) of (40 ± 9) kg/m2, 34 (70.8 %) with coexistent obesity-related morbidities, who failed to respond to other weight reducing treatment, via routine gastroscopy under intravenous conscious sedation. Restricted balanced diet with 1200 kcal/day and exercise of 150 minutes/ week were prescribed after the balloon placement. The IGB was removed endoscopically after at most 180 days. Follow-up was conducted once a week during the first month and then once a month. Results: The median hospital stay and treatment duration were 1 (IQR 1:2.25) day and 174 (IQR 166:181) days respectively. The BW, BMI, and waist circumference were significantly decreased after the IGB placement (all P < 0.01) with the mean BW loss of (13 ± 7) kg, mean BMI loss of(5 ± 3) kg/m2, mean excessive body weight loss of (45 ± 36) %, and mean waist circumference loss of (12 ± 8) cm. 66.7 % of the patients were satisfied with the treatment. No serious complication related to IGB was noted. Conclusion: IGB is a safe and effective device that achieves moderate weight loss in obese Chinese.
著者Mui W.L., Ng E.K.-W., Tsung B.Y.-S., Wang R.-Z., Cheng A.Y.-S., Yau P.Y.-P., Lam C.-H., Chow F.C.-C.
期刊名稱Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi
出版社Zhonghua Yixeuehui Zazhishe/Chinese Medical Association Publishing House
頁次388 - 391
關鍵詞Anti-obesity agents, Intragastric balloon, Obesity

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