Quantized Local Edge Distribution: A Descriptor for B-mode Ultrasound Images
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摘要This paper presents an illumination invariant, histogram equalization invariant, rotation-robust and spatially stable texture descriptor for B-mode ultrasound images. We design a new edge-encoding descriptor that captures edge distributions of ultrasound textures. The distribution of edges categorized by their strength forms a signature of a specific textural pattern. Oriented edges are first quantized into different levels of salience according to local contrast and then aggregated to polar bins. A distance function that incorporates with our descriptor for effective texture comparison is introduced. The performance of the proposed descriptor is evaluated by various experiments.
著者Wing-Yin Chan, Yim-Pan Chui, Pheng-Ann Heng
期刊名稱Augmented Reality Environments for Medical Imaging and Computer-Assisted Interventions
詳細描述Lecture Notes in Computer Science
頁次192 - 200

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