Traditional chinese medicine for endometriosis: Pathogenesis, therapeutics and mechanisms
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AbstractEndometriosis is a common but complex gynecological disorder of unknown pathogenesis. It is characterized by ectopic growth of endometrial tissues. It has been estimated that endometriosis occurs in roughly 5-10% of women. An estimated 5 to 7 million women have endometriosis, with 2 to 5 million experiencing dysmenorrhea and pelvic pain; and 0.2 to 0.8 million suffering infertility around the world. Many theories have been proposed to the pathogenesis of endometriosis. Yet, the classical Sampson's retrograde menstruation has been the most widely accepted theory for the implantation of endometrial cells in the peritoneal cavity. Current therapies for endometriosis include palliative or radical surgery and hormonal medications. However, these treatments have been deemed unsatisfactory owing to variable success, significant side effects and high recurrence rates. Traditional Chinese Medicine is an alternative method to treat endometriosis. Chinese herbal medicines have been used for many years in Asian counties to alleviate pain, promote fertility, improve menstrual problems, and even prevent relapse in endometriosis. The primary pathogenesis of endometriosis is Blood Stasis which is generally implied as poor circulation of body fluid to moisten and nourish the body. This causes localized obstruction leading to pain and mass in organs, including reproductive organs as in endometriosis. It is believed that Blood-Stasis- Breaking herbs can stimulate Blood Circulation and eliminate Blood Stagnation by remodeling microcirculation, restoring blood flow, and improving blood viscosity In addition to Blood Stasis, the disharmonies associated with Cold, Heat, Deficiency, or Excess patterns created in the mind/body/spirit are frequently complicated with endometriosis. Knowledge of these patterns to a Chinese practitioner is essential to provide a suitable diagnostic and remedy to the problem. Beside Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture has been recently discussed as a remedy for endometriosis. With scientific studies suggesting that endometriosis is a neuro-immuno-endocrine related disease, acupuncture can improve the functioning of the immune system and increase the flow of energy through the meridians. In this chapter, we will look into how traditional Chinese medicine has been used to provide a relief from the symptoms of endometriosis, and to increase the likelihood of successful pregnancy.
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