Conserving modern architecture in Hong Kong - Problems and challenges
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摘要Conserving modern architecture in Hong Kong is a relatively recent practice due to the shortage of professional knowledge on modern architecture within the government and amongst private owners, and a lack of recognition for the significance of this architectural style which appeared in the territory since the early 20th century. Because of this, a number of modern architectural heritage have either been destroyed or subject to excessive transformation which have a negative impact on the buildings' form and character. This kind of out-of-scale remodelling of heritage buildings has become common practice in Hong Kong nowadays, but its damage to the architectural heritage has been underestimated or inadequately assessed. Behind the remodelling there is often a profit motive which encourages an increase in foor space on top of heritage buildings. Another motive is the attempt to create a new iconic structure. In this process, the form and character of the original modern architecture would be changed beyond recognition and very often the heritage building becomes just a decorative part of the new building. Such an annihilation of heritage buildings has been carried out in the name of conservation.
著者Law K., Chung T.
會議名稱13th Docomomo International Conference Seoul: Expansion and Conflict, Seoul 2014
詳細描述organized by Docomomo International,
頁次178 - 183
關鍵詞Central, Conservation, Hong Kong, Modern architecture, Wanchai

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