Research on advertising in Mainland China: A review and assessment
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摘要The volume of scholarly work in research on advertising in China has been increasing in recent years. This paper examines the state of the art in this area in the 1979-98 period, with particular emphasis on the topics that have been researched, audience addressed, extent of theory development in the field and methodologies used in conducting the research. With content analysis, relevant articles published in marketing and advertising journals were examined. Our findings suggest that (1) a sustained effort in academic research/ publications on advertising in China is in the early stage of its development; (2) while a considerable array of topics have been researched, only the tip of the iceberg has been touched and there remains much to be done; (3) the research is seldom based on an established theoretical or conceptual framework; and, (4) the research methods and types of analysis used have not been very advanced when compared to general advertising research.
著者Sin L.Y., Ho S.-C., So S.L.
期刊名稱Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management
出版社Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
出版地United Kingdom
頁次37 - 65
關鍵詞Advertising in China, Review

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