From inflammation to cancer: Advances in diagnosis and therapy for gastrointestinal and hepatological diseases
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摘要Inflammation and cancer are two major disorders that cause huge concerns in our society. However, what one may not know is that both diseases are closely associated and, in particular, both occur in the gastrointestinal tract and liver. This book describes the mechanics of how inflammation can progress to cancer in these organs. The authors in this book comprehensively discuss the different biomarkers for early diagnosis, and current therapeutic treatments for these diseases. All of these would allow us to better understand the pathogenesis of both diseases. As such, this book provides comprehensive information concerning the interrelationship between inflammation and cancer in a cohesive manner, and the information derived would benefit not only basic scientists but also clinicians who are working in these fields.
著者Cho C.H., Yu J.
頁次1 - 361

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