A novel visceral adiposity index predicts bone loss in female early rheumatoid arthritis patients detected by HR-pQCT
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摘要The purpose of this prospective study is to compare the Chinese visceral adiposity index (CVAI) between early rheumatoid arthritis (ERA) patients and healthy controls; and to assess the relationship between CVAI and the bone microstructure using high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT) in ERA patients. 104 female ERA and 100 age-, gender- and BMI-matched healthy controls were recruited for the comparison of CVAI. All ERA patients were prospectively followed for 1 year. HR-pQCT scan of the distal radius, tibia and second metacarpal head were performed at baseline and after one-year. ERA patients were divided into two sub-groups according to the median CVAI value (65.73) (low CVAI and high CVAI groups). CVAI in the ERA group was significantly higher than the controls group (p = 0.01). At baseline, the high CVAI group had a higher ESR level (p = 0.004) while the cortical volumetric bone mineral density (vBMD) was lower (at both the distal radius and tibia, all p < 0.05) compared to the low CVAI group. Linear regression analysis revealed that a higher baseline CVAI was an independent predictor of a lower cortical vBMD at month 12 (distal radius: B = − 0.626, p = 0.022, 95%CI − 1.914  to  − 0.153; tibia: B = − 0.394, p = 0.003, 95%CI − 1.366 to − 0.290); and a greater reduction in trabecular vBMD (tibia: B = 0.444, p = 0.001, 95%CI 0.018–0.063; distal radius: B = 0.356, p = 0.008, 95%CI 0.403–0.063). In summary, CVAI is an independent predictor of trabecular bone loss in female patients with ERA, which may be augmented by a chronic inflammatory state in patients with visceral dysfunction of fat metabolism.
著者Jiang Yue, Priscilla C. H. Wong, Ying Zhang, Feng Peng, James F. Griffith, Jiankun Xu, Fan Xiao, Tena K. Li, Vivian Hung, Ling Qin, Lai-Shan Tam
期刊名稱Scientific Reports
關鍵詞Diseases, Rheumatic diseases, Musculoskeletal abnormalities, Rheumatoid arthritis

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