Attitude toward the out-patient cardiac rehabilitation program and facilitators for maintenance of exercise behavior
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摘要Abstract: Objective: This study examined the attitudes of Chinese patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) toward the outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program (OCRP), as well as their exercise behavior, intention, maintenance and related factors. Method: A qualitative descriptive study design was used, and 22 CHD patients were recruited in Hong Kong in 2014. In-depth interviews and content analyses were conducted. The tripartite model of attitudes was adopted as research framework. Result: Two themes were identified: (1) informant attitude (perception, affection, and practice) toward the OCRP and (2) Exercise Behavior – intention, maintenance and its related factors. Most informants showed positive perception and affection regarding the outpatient rehabilitation program, leading to regular practice of exercise in the program and at home. Peer, group dynamic, social support and Chinese culture influences on exercise behavior may serve as major facilitators to maintain exercise behavior. Conclusion: Positive attitude toward the OCRP enhanced the participation rate, whereas peer and social support from the family and workplace were useful to improve the maintenance of exercise behavior. Overall, this study provides insights into strategic planning for the OCRP and continual support for CHD patients in the community.
著者Wong E.M.L., Zhong X.B., Sit J.W.H., Chair S.Y., Leung D.Y.P., Leung C., Leung K.C.
期刊名稱Psychology, Health and Medicine
出版社Brunner - Routledge (US)
出版地United States
頁次724 - 734
關鍵詞Attitude, cardiac rehabilitation program, coronary heart disease, exercise behavior, factors

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