Work satisfaction of Chinese women
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摘要This chapter reviews current literature on work satisfaction of working women in China. We focus on job and career satisfaction as key indicators of employees’ well-being in the Chinese workplace. To provide a full picture of the topic, we first describe the cultural and economic context in contemporary China that has profound effects on organizational practices, employment conditions, and individuals’ work orientations and values. We then examine previous studies on job and career satisfaction of Chinese workers and identify some important personal, family-related, and work-related antecedents. The main differences in work satisfaction between the two genders are specified. Based on the literature review, we highlight some unique characteristics in China that may have significant impacts on women’s work satisfaction. Finally, we suggest several directions for future research.
著者Ngo H.Y., Liu H.
編輯ed. by M. Connerley and J. Wu Holland.
詳細描述ed. by M. Connerley and J. Wu Holland.
頁次673 - 688
關鍵詞Career satisfaction, China, Cultural values, Economic reforms, Gender discrimination, Gender roles, Job satisfaction, Work-family interface, Working women

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