An atlas on the comparative anatomy of the retinae of vertebrates
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AbstractIn the last century, two exhaustive and interesting books have been published on the retina, Walls's (1942) 'The vertebrate eye and its adaptive radiation' and Polyak's (1941) 'The retina'. These two volumes of world famous literature on the eyes have stimulated the thoughts of numerous vision researchers across the globe. With the establishment of national funding agencies in eye research around the world, the 20th century has been the most productive era of eye research, with many excellent papers published in the field, including those on the comparative anatomy of the eye. In spite of these advances, comparative atlases on the vertebrate retina, a region of the eye which is mostly explored in research, remains lacking. This atlas tries to amend some of these problems. In this volume, the authors have attempted to enlist as many as 27 specimens of different animals as well as human. All figures in the book are micrographs, either light microscopic or electron microscopic figures. For the latter, both transmission and scanning electron micrographs are included. These figures can amend information illustrated in both Walls's and Polyak's books which contained mainly hand drawn figures. This e-Book here is divided into several chapters - with a longest chapter on the comparison between the retinas of different vertebrates. It starts with the fish retina all the way to the primate. To those interested in comparing ontogeny with phylogeny, observation of, for example, the oil droplets in the eyes of different vertebrates may be intriguing, as oil droplets in the retina are seen in the oldest fish - the sturgeon. © 2012 Bentham Science Publishers. All rights reserved.
All Author(s) ListYew D.T., Wai M.S.M., Li W.W.Y.
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