The efficacy and safety of Chinese medicines for threatened miscarriage
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摘要For over 3,000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat pregnant women. Today, Chinese medicines have principally been applied in mainland China and have increasingly used worldwide to promote the health of both the mother and fetus and to treat common pregnancy disorders. To date, no data are available to provide an overview of the use of Chinese medicine in pregnancy. In this chapter, the clinical applications, therapeutic effects and safety of Chinese medicines for pregnancy were reviewed. Over 3,000 studies have assessed Chinese medicines for pregnancy, including its indications, contraindications, formulas, individual medicines, regimes, effectiveness, efficacy, safety, adverse effects and toxicity. Among all the clinical applications, threatened miscarriage was the most common clinical indication. The Shou Tai Pill - which contains 4 major herbal medicines including Chinese Dodder Seed, Chinese Taxillus Twig, Donkey-hide Glue, and Himalayan Teasel Root - is the most commonly used formula in preventing miscarriage and promoting the continuation of a pregnancy. The range of clinical doses of individual Chinese medicines varies considerably, and the dosage is not associated with the overall efficacy or effectiveness. However, high-quality, randomized, controlled trials evaluating the effectiveness of the Chinese medicines are very limited for a systematic review or meta-analysis. Chinese medicines, in combination with other pharmaceuticals, appear to be more effective than other pharmaceuticals alone for improving the clinical outcomes in threatened miscarriage. Reports of specific adverse pregnancy outcomes and safety problems are diffuse, but potentially adverse and toxic effects on the reproductive system by certain medicines have been identified. The main objective of this chapter is to review the available clinical studies on Chinese medicines for their use in threatened miscarriage and to evaluate their potential adverse effects, including side effects and toxicity, to both mothers and children. © 2012 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.
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