Experimental evaluation of accelerated T1rho relaxation quantification in human liver using limited spin-lock times
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摘要Objective: It was reported lately that to obtain consistent liver T1rho measurement, at 3T MRI using six spin-lock times (SLTs), is feasible. In this study, the feasibility of using three or two SLT points to measure liver T1rho relaxation time was explored. Materials and Methods: Seventeen healthy volunteers underwent 36 examinations. Three representative axial slices were selected to cut through the upper, middle, and lower liver. A rotary echo spin-lock pulse was implemented in a 2D fast field echo sequence. Spin-lock frequency was 500 Hz and the spin-lock times of 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 milliseconds (ms) were used for T1rho mapping. T1rho maps were constructed by using all 6 SLT points, three SLT points of 1, 20, and 50 ms, or two SLTs of 1 and 50 ms, respectively. Intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) and Bland and Altman plot were used to assess the measurement agreement. Results: Two examinations were excluded, due to motion artifact at the SLT of 50 ms. With the remaining 34 examinations, the ICC for 6-SLT vs. 3-SLT T1rho measurements was 0.922, while the ICC for 6-SLT vs. 2-SLT T1rho measurement was 0.756. The Bland and Altman analysis showed a mean difference of 0.19 (95% limits of agreement: -1.34, 1.73) for 6-SLT vs. 3-SLT T1rho measurement, and the mean difference of 0.89 (95% limits of agreement: -1.67, 3.45) for 6-SLT vs. 2-SLT T1rho measurement. The scan re-scan reproducibility ICC (n = 11 subjects) was 0.755, 0.727, and 0.528 for 6-SLT measurement, 3-SLT measurement, and 2-SLT measurement, respectively. Conclusion: Adopting 3 SLTs of 1, 20, and 50 ms can be an acceptable alternative for the liver T1rho measurement, while 2 SLTs of 1 and 50 ms do not provide reliable measurement.
著者Zhao F., Deng M., Yuan J., Teng G.-J., Ahuja A.T., Wang Y.-X.J.
期刊名稱Korean Journal of Radiology
出版社Korean Radiological Society
出版地South Korea
頁次736 - 742
關鍵詞Liver, Magnetic resonance imaging, Spin-lock time, T1rho

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