Developmental trend of the effect of disgust emotion on moral judgment in children and adolescents.
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AbstractDisgusting emotion was evolved to avoid disease infection. When the risk of contracting disease increases,
people become more compliant with social rules to avoid the infection of disease. Previous studies showed that
when primed with disgusting emotion (vs. neutral emotion), young adults rated moral violation behaviors more
severely. In the present study, we examined the developmental trend of the influence of primed disgusting emotion
on moral judgment across age groups. Participants rated either disgusting or neutral pictures and then completed a
standardized moral questionnaire. Results showed that 10 and 16-year-old participants’, but not 6 or 13-year-old
participants, rated the moral violations more severely when disgust primed. These findings suggest that the
influence of disgusting emotion on moral judgements is not constant but varies at different developmental stages.
Acceptance Date26/10/2016
All Author(s) ListMing PENG, Lei CHANG, Chi-Shing TSE
Journal nameJournal of Child and Adolescent Behavior
Volume Number4
Issue Number5
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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