Is Poverty Eradication Impossible? A Critique on the Misconceptions of the Hong Kong Government
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摘要The first official poverty line of Hong Kong was announced by the second Commission on Poverty during the Poverty Summit on 28 September 2013. However, CE Leung Chun-ying stated in the same event that “poverty eradication is impossible.” Considering the misconception on poverty, Hong Kong government officials believe that poverty in Hong Kong can only be alleviated but not eradicated. This paper reviews the misconception of the government about wealth disparity and poverty, single and multiple definitions of poverty, and the targets of poverty alleviation. Using samples from the UN and the UK, this paper argues that with specific time-bound targets, political will, and coordinated efforts of the society, poverty in Hong Kong can be eradicated either in an absolute or relative term.
著者Hung Wong
編輯Maggie K. W. Lau, David Gordon
書名Poverty in a Rich Society
出版社The Chinese University Press
出版地Hong Kong
頁次179 - 202
關鍵詞Poverty eradication, poverty alleviation, Commission on Poverty, social policy, Hong Kong

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