Social Virtues in the Hong Kong Catholic Community: Examining Catholic and Confucian Ethics
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摘要This article examines the importance of strengthening the virtue ethics approach in Catholic social teaching for a Chinese Christian community through putting the Catholic tradition and Confucian tradition into dialogue. Through examining the virtue features in the Confucian and Christian traditions, it is found that they share a number of commensurable elements. This study contributes to the ongoing reflection on inculturation in the Hong Kong Church and dialogue between Chinese culture and Christianity. Moreover, strengthening virtue ethics approach in CST is important in moving the hearts of Chinese Christians and transforming them to engage in social justice endeavor, leading to common good and solidarity with the vulnerables. It can complement the principle-based approach in CST. Employing virtue ethics method to approach CST, it would emphasize both rational and emotive approaches rather than primarily cognitive principles, leading to a more holistic formation and integrative way of planning pastoral action. It also offers concrete ways of practice through practicing various virtues. Moreover, it can integrate spirituality and morality, linking personal ethic with social ethic. It is an attempt to contribute to the renewal of ethical methods of Catholic social ethics.
著者Mary Mee-Yin Yuen
期刊名稱New Theology Review
出版社Catholic Theological Union
頁次27 - 37
關鍵詞Catholic theological ethics, Confucian ethics, virtue ethics

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