An AC-Feasible Linear Model in Distribution Networks with Energy Storage
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摘要With the increasing deployment of distributed energy resources (DERs), dispatching DERs subject to operational constraints in distribution networks draws much attention. One challenge is the non-convexities in 1) system-wide AC power flow constraints and 2) the individual complementarity constraint of energy storage. To resolve this challenge, this paper studies an AC-feasible linear model in distribution networks with energy storage, including its formulation, analysis, and applications. First, an AC-feasible linear model is formulated as a set of linear constraints on controllable DERs and uncontrollable power demand by 1) converting the non-convex system-wide constraints into linear constraints based on the Brouwer’s fixed-point theorem and the second-order Taylor expansion, and 2) replacing the non-convex individual complementarity constraint of energy storage with one properly designed linear constraint. Furthermore, to analyze the power demand level at which the proposed linear model can provide a solution, this paper proposes an examination-based projection method under the Monte Carlo framework to handle projections of thousands of dimensions from linear constraints over time periods. Finally, the potential applications of our AC-feasible linear model are discussed. Numerical experiments are conducted in the IEEE\ 33-bus and 136-bus test systems to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods.
著者Wei Lin, Yue Chen, Qifeng Li, Changhong Zhao
期刊名稱IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
頁次1224 - 1239

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