Combination of inflammation-related cytokines promotes long-term muscle stem cell expansion
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摘要Muscle stem cells (MuSCs, satellite cells) are the major contributor to muscle regeneration. Like most adult stem cells, long-term expansion of MuSCs in vitro is difficult. The in vivo muscle regeneration abilities of MuSCs are quickly lost after culturing in vitro, which prevents the potential applications of MuSCs in cell-based therapies. Here, we establish a system to serially expand MuSCs in vitro for over 20 passages by mimicking the endogenous microenvironment. We identified that the combination of four pro-inflammatory cytokines, IL-1α, IL-13, TNF-α, and IFN-γ, secreted by T cells was able to stimulate MuSC proliferation in vivo upon injury and promote serial expansion of MuSCs in vitro. The expanded MuSCs can replenish the endogenous stem cell pool and are capable of repairing multiple rounds of muscle injuries in vivo after a single transplantation. The establishment of the in vitro system provides us a powerful method to expand functional MuSCs to repair muscle injuries.
著者Fu X., Xiao J., Wei Y., Li S., Liu Y., Yin J., Sun K., Sun H., Wang H., Zhang Z., Zhang B.-T., Sheng C., Wang H., Hu P.
期刊名稱Cell Research
出版社Nature Publishing Group
出版地United States
頁次655 - 673
關鍵詞inflammation, long-term expansion, muscle regeneration, muscle stem cells, stemness maintenance, T cells

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