Age-related differences in the quantitative echo texture of the median nerve
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摘要Objectives - Currently, there are no quantitative data on the echo texture of a peripheral nerve. This study was designed to objectively compare the differences in the echo texture of the median nerve in the young and the elderly. Methods - The median nerves of 10 healthy young volunteers (<30 years old; group Y) and 10 elderly patients undergoing lower limb surgery (>60 years old; group E) were scanned at the mid forearm by a standardized protocol. The echo texture of a normalized median nerve image was analyzed for the echo intensity and spatial distribution of pixels. Noise in the image was reduced by using a median filter, and thresholding was performed thereafter. In the resultant binary image, the cross-sectional area, echo intensity, white area index, and black area index of the median nerve were determined by computerized texture analysis. Results - The mean cross-sectional area of the median nerve in group E was significantly smaller than that in group Y (P = .002). The mean echo intensity and white area index in group E were significantly higher than those in group Y (P = .002 and .012). The mean black area index in group E was correspondingly significantly lower than that in group Y (P = .012). In group Y, the mean white area index was significantly lower than the black area index (P = .006) but not in group E (P = .213). Conclusions - There are significant differences in the echo texture of the median nerve between the young and the elderly. These differences may be due to age-related changes in the relative proportion of neural fascicles and connective tissue within the nerve.
著者Li X., Li J.W., Ho A.M.-H., Karmakar M.K.
期刊名稱Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine
出版社American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine
出版地United States
頁次797 - 804
關鍵詞Echo texture, Median nerve, Musculoskeletal ultrasound, Sonography, Texture analysis

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