Antecedents and precedents to Porter's Competitive Strategy
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摘要This explores the influence IO economics has exerted on the theoretical and methodological frameworks of strategic management research, highlighting the significance of Porter's work in furthering its development. Applying the structure-conduct-performance framework of IO economics, Porter built a foundation for research on competitive dynamics: a description of the forces that determine the nature and level of competition in an industry, as well as suggestions for how to use this information to develop competitive advantage. The chapter shows that strategic management has evolved into a firmly established field in the study of business and organizations, advancing from its 'humble' beginnings as the limited content of a capstone general management course in the business school curriculum.
著者Hoskisson R.E., Hitt M.A., Wan W.P., Yiu D.
編輯ed. by R. Huggins & H. Izushi .
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關鍵詞Competitive advantage, Competitive strategy, Industrial organization, Michael Porter, Structure-conduct performance

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