Ultrasound elastography in the head and neck. part II. accuracy for malignancy
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摘要Ultrasound elastography (USE) describes a variety of ultrasound-based imaging techniques that measure tissue stiffness properties, and is currently under intense investigation for tissue characterization in several anatomic sites. This article summarizes the evidence regarding the accuracy of USE for malignancy in the head and neck. Currently, most published data pertains to small pilot studies with varied methodologies. Encouragingly, most studies have documented promising results for USE in terms of high accuracy for malignancy in thyroid nodules and cervical lymph nodes, which have surpassed conventional sonographic criteria. However, a minority of studies have documented opposite findings. USE seems to be suboptimal for salivary malignancies, and some evidence suggests that USE does not provide useful diagnostic information compared with conventional ultrasonography for miscellaneous neck masses. Further larger studies are required to validate these findings although, in view of the predominance of highly optimistic results for thyroid nodules and cervical lymph nodes, USE may become a useful ancillary technique in the routine diagnostic work-up of lesions in these tissues in the near future. © 2013 International Cancer Imaging Society.
著者Bhatia K.S.S., Lee Y.Y.P., Yuen E.H.Y., Ahuja A.T.
期刊名稱Cancer Imaging
出版地United Kingdom
頁次260 - 276
關鍵詞Acoustic radiation force impulse, Elastography, Lymph nodes, Neck, Salivary glands, Shear wave elastography, Thyroid, Ultrasound

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