Influenza B lineage circulation and hospitalization rates in a Subtropical City, Hong Kong, 2000-2010
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摘要Background. A need for quadrivalent vaccines to cover both lineages of influenza B has been raised. Information on the circulation status of influenza B lineages and the associated hospitalization rates is important to assist evidence-based decision making. This retrospective study revealed the situation in a subtropical city over a 10-year period.Methods. Sequences of 268 influenza B isolates were analyzed to identify the circulating pool of virus lineages for each year. Hospital records and population census data were used to estimate annual age-specific hospitalization rates.Results. Cocirculation with 2 influenza B lineages was found in 9 of the 10 years. Only in 6 of the 10 years had the vaccine strain successfully matched with the lineage that was found in >50% of the circulating pool. Six years were predominated by one lineage (occupying >80% of the circulating pool), and these years had higher (average, 1.4-fold) hospitalization rates. Matching between vaccine and circulating lineage was achieved only in 2 of the 6 "predominated years." The Yamagata lineage accounted for most (5/6) of the predominated years. Overall, 24% of influenza admissions were due to influenza B, and influenza B contributed to a higher proportion (41.9%) among children and young teenagers (5-14 years old).Conclusions. Cocirculation with 2 influenza B lineages is common in the subtropical region. To predict the next predominant lineage proves to be difficult. Influenza B accounts for a substantial fraction of influenza-associated hospitalizations, especially among children and young teenagers. Quadrivalent vaccines may improve the effectiveness of influenza vaccination programs. © 2012 The Author.
著者Chan P.K.S., Chan M.C.W., Cheung J.L.K., Lee N., Leung T.F., Yeung A.C.M., Wong M.C.S., Ngai K.L.K., Nelson E.A.S., Hui D.S.C.
期刊名稱Clinical Infectious Diseases
出版社University of Chicago Press
出版地United States
頁次677 - 684
關鍵詞hospitalisation, influenza, lineage, Victoria, Yamagata

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