Combined high-dose sub-tenon triamcinolone, intravitreal bevacizumab, and laser photocoagulation for refractory diabetic macular edema: A pilot study
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摘要PURPOSE: To study the efficacy and safety of triple therapy (sub-Tenon triamcinolone [∼70 mg], intravitreal bevacizumab [1.25 mg], and focal/grid laser) for refractory diabetic macular edema. METHOD: Twenty-nine eyes of 29 patients who received triple therapy were monitored for central foveal thickness, best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), and side effects over a 1-year period. Their results were compared with a focal/grid laser historical control group of 18 eyes (18 patients). RESULTS: In the triple therapy group, mean central foveal thickness significantly reduced from baseline value of 441 μm to 298 μm at Month 12 (P < 0.001), but there was no significant change of BCVA. In the control group, there were no sustained significant changes of central foveal thickness or BCVA. A subgroup analysis of 7 eyes in the triple therapy group with baseline BCVA of ≤20/100 showed significant BCVA improvements from 4 weeks to 9 months. The maximum improvement was achieved at 6 months, when the mean BCVA improved by 9.5 Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study letters from baseline. Intraocular pressure rise (31.0%), partial ptosis (17.2%), and significant cataractogenesis (8.7%) were encountered in the triple therapy group but not in the control group. CONCLUSION: Sustained reduction of central foveal thickness was achieved with triple therapy over the 1-year study period. Significant visual improvement was seen only in patients with worse baseline BCVA, but not in the triple therapy group as a whole. Significant side effects of intraocular pressure rise, ptosis, and cataractogenesis were encountered in the triple therapy group. © The Ophthalmic Communications Society, Inc.
著者Chan C.K.M., Lai T.Y.Y., Mohamed S., Lee V.Y.W., Liu D.T.L., Li C.-L., Lam D.S.C.
出版社Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Ltd.
出版地United States
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關鍵詞bevacizumab, diabetic retinopathy, laser photocoagulation, triamcinolone acetonide

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