Comparison of miR-124-3p and miR-16 for early diagnosis of hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke
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摘要Background: The present study aimed to investigate and compare plasma concentrations of miR-124-3p and miR-16 as diagnostic markers in acute stroke. Methods: miR-124-3p and miR-16 concentrations in 93 stroke patients were analyzed using real-time polymerase chain reaction. The primary outcome was the differentiation of hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. Results: Of 93 patients, 74 (79.6%) were diagnosed as ischemic stroke (IS) and 19 (20.4%) were diagnosed as hemorrhagic stroke (HS). Median plasma 124-3p concentrations taken within 24h of symptom onset were higher in HS patients than that in IS patients (3.8×105 vs 2.0×105 copies/ml plasma, p=0.0109), while median miR-16 concentration in IS patients were higher than that in HS patients (1.6×109 vs 1.3×109 copies/ml plasma, p=0.0399). The odds ratio (OR) for discriminating HS and IS with miR-124-3p and miR-16 was 5.37 and 9.75 respectively. Conclusion: Both miR-124-3p and miR-16 are diagnostic markers to discriminate HS and IS. © 2014.
著者Leung L.Y., Chan C.P.Y., Leung Y.K., Jiang H.L., Abrigo J.M., Wang D.F., Chung J.S.H., Rainer T.H., Graham C.A.
期刊名稱Clinica Chimica Acta
出版社Elsevier BV
頁次139 - 144
關鍵詞Diagnosis, Hemorrhagic stroke, Ischemic stroke, MicroRNA, Plasma

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