Rotavirus genotypes circulating in Hong Kong during 2014/15
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摘要Background and aims
Rotavirus is a leading cause of acute gastroenteritis in young children. Two oral rotavirus vaccines have been licensed in Hong Kong since 2006: Rotarix (GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals) and RotaTeq (Merck Research Laboratories). However, these vaccines have not been included in the government’s Childhood Immunisation Programme and are only available in the private sector. Here we report the circulating rotavirus strains identified in children aged from 30 days to below five years enrolled in a study to assess rotavirus vaccine effectiveness.

During the period 31 October 2014 to 23 April 2015, a ‘test-negative’ case-control design vaccine effectiveness study was conducted in six public hospitals in Hong Kong. Hospitalised acute gastroenteritis (AGE) patients with two or more vomiting episodes and/or at least three diarrhoea episodes within a 24-hour period were invited to participate. Diagnostic rotavirus testing was performed on 540 stool specimens collected from the 699 enrolled patients classified as AGE. Rotavirus-positive samples were sent to Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention to identify G and P genotypes using nested reverse-transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction.

A total of 103 AGE patients’ stool specimens testing positive for rotavirus were genotyped. The predominant G genotypes were G9 (n=63, 61%) and G1 (n=21, 20%). P[8] (n=87, 84%) was found to be the most common P genotype. The most prevalent G-P combinations were G9P[8] (n=60, 58%) and G1P[8] (n=19, 18%). Five (5%) mixed infections were identified.

G9P[8] was the predominant genotype associated with severe hospitalised AGE during the 2014/2015 rotavirus season in Hong Kong.

This work was supported by the Research Grants Council General Research Fund [CUHK 14111514].
著者Yeung KHT, Li D 2, Zhang Q, Duan ZJ, Liu N, Chan MCW, Chan PKS, Nelson EAS
會議名稱Hong Kong College of Paediatricians 4th Annual Scientific Meeting cum 5th HongKong-Guangdong-Shanghai-Chongqing Paediatric Exchange Meeting
會議地點Hong Kong

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