Abnormal morphological features of osteocyte lacunae in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: a large-scale assessment of 300,000 lacunae by ultra-high-resolution micro-computed tomography
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Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis(AIS) has been reported to be associated with low BMD.Osteocytes play a central role in bone modelling and remodelling. The present study aims to(a)compare morphology of osteocyte lacunae between AIS and controls using a large-scale assessment,and to(b) investigate association between the morphological features of osteocyte lacunae and curveseverity in AIS. Materials and Methods:
Trabecular bone biopsies were collected from vertebral facetjoint in 4 AIS, 5 congenital scoliosis(CS) patients, and 3 non-scoliosis(NS) subjects, and from ilium in12 AIS vs 9 NS subjects. Morphology of osteocyte lacunae were assessed by ultra-high-resolutionmicro-CT and clinical information were collected.
A total of 229,076 and 78,758 osteocytelacunae from vertebral facet joints and iliac bone were included, respectively. In facet joint, lacunarstretch(Lc.St) was higher while lacunar oblateness(Lc.Ob) and lacunar sphericity(Lc.Sr) were lower inAIS and CS groups than NS group. Concave side of scoliotic curve was associated with higher Lc.St.In iliac bone, lacunar equancy(Lc.Eq) was lower while Lc.Ob was higher in AIS group than NS group.Median values of Lc.St(R-squared:0.578), Lc.Eq and Lc.Sr were significantly associated with Cobbangle with adjustment for age and BMI.
Discussion and conclusion:
AIS osteocyte lacunae are moreequant and oblate in iliac bone and shape of osteocyte lacunae is associated with curve severity inAIS. The identified abnormal morphological parameters of osteocyte lacunae will be helpful indiscovering new osteocyte-related parameters based on which novel prediction models for diagnosisand prognostication of AIS can be developed.
著者Kenneth Yang, Goff Elliott, Kuhn Gisela A., Kumar Anubrat, Raymond Wan, Jack Cheng, Qin Yong, Muller Ralph, Wayne Lee
會議名稱The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 2022 Annual Congress
會議地點Hong Kong

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