Unpacking international experience through blended intercultural praxis
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摘要The words above were penned by a participant in an intercultural transitions course that I developed at my university in Hong Kong to help undergraduates make sense of their international experience. While much has been written about the importance of adequate pre-sojourn orientations (Bennett, 2008; Jackson, 2006, 2012; Bathurst & LaBrack, 2012) and ongoing support during stays abroad (Jackson, 2008, 2010; Lou & Bosley, 2012; Paige & Vande Berg, 2012), the reentry phase (e.g., reentry/reverse culture shock) has been accorded relatively less attention. This is changing, however, as more and more international education scholars recognize the need for intervention to help returnees process their sojourn and reentry experiences, and make sense of conflicting emotions and their evolving sense of self (Mendelson & Citron, 2006; Meyer-Lee, 2005; Szkudlarek, 2010). This chapter provides an example of an initiative designed to enhance, consolidate, and extend the learning of student sojourners. While the course is offered in Asia, the methodology employed could be adopted or modified for other settings.
著者Jackson J.
編輯ed. by Rhiannon D. Williams and Amy Lee.
出版作品名稱Unpacking international experience through blended intercultural praxis
詳細描述ed. by Rhiannon D. Williams and Amy Lee.
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