GlnR-mediated regulation of ectABCD transcription expands the role of the GlnR regulon to osmotic stress management
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摘要Ectoine and hydroxyectoine are excellent compatible solutes for bacteria to deal with environmental osmotic stress and temperature damages. The biosynthesis cluster of ectoine and hydroxyectoine is widespread among microorganisms, and its expression is activated by high salinity and temperature changes. So far, little is known about the mechanism of the regulation of the transcription of ect genes and only two MarR family regulators (EctR1 in methylobacteria and the EctR1-related regulator CosR in Vibrio cholerae) have been found to negatively regulate the expression of ect genes. Here, we characterize GlnR, the global regulator for nitrogen metabolism in actinomycetes, as a negative regulator for the transcription of ectoine/hydroxyectoine biosynthetic genes (ect operon) in Streptomyces coelicolor. The physiological role of this transcriptional repression by GlnR is proposed to protect the intracellular glutamate pool, which acts as a key nitrogen donor for both the nitrogen metabolism and the ectoine/ hydroxyectoine biosynthesis.
著者Shao Z., Deng W., Li S., He J., Ren S., Huang W., Lu Y., Zhao G., Cai Z., Wang J.
期刊名稱Journal of Bacteriology
出版社American Society for Microbiology
出版地United States
頁次3041 - 3047

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