Noninvasive Characterization of Vascular Tone by Model-Based System Identification in Healthy and Heart Failure Patients
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摘要Current markers for heart failure (HF) diagnosis and prognosis are mainly for the evaluation of cardiac functions. Since previous studies have reported that HF patients demonstrated abnormal vascular responses to external stimuli, it is speculated that vascular tone, a measure of activation level of vascular wall, may be able to reflect these abnormalities to assist HF detection. Nevertheless, vascular tone is difficult to be objectively quantified using existing tools. In this study, a vascular tone index was estimated from noninvasive blood pressure and pulse transit time measurements using system identification technique. This method was evaluated in 35 subjects (10 healthy, 13 with HF risk factors and 12 HF patients) in a regular maximal exercise test. It was found that the vascular tone index significantly increased by 24.4 +/- A 26.6% (p < 0.01) during maximal exercise in the healthy subjects. Moreover, the response was gradually attenuated in the risk-factor and HF groups (15.8 +/- A 36.5 and 0.9 +/- A 17.9%, respectively). The results reveal the association between the vascular tone response to maximal exercise and HF disease or risks. To conclude, the proposed method provides a quantitative characterization of vascular tone which may be a useful indicator of the pathological changes of the arteries or the heart.
著者Zheng Y.-L., Yan B.P., Zhang Y.-T., Poon C.C.Y.
期刊名稱Annals of Biomedical Engineering
出版社Kluwer Academic Publishers
頁次2242 - 2252
關鍵詞Computational biology, p-Health, Personalized medicine, Public health informatics, Pulse transit time, Subject-specific monitoring

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