Development of an effective cardiovascular protective agent using evidence-based research platforms
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摘要Over 60 years of clinical research on coronary and cerebral vascular diseases have established the genuine value of preventive measures using effective therapeutic measures consisting of the statin group of anti-cholesterol agents and haemodilutants. In spite of the improved survivals and decreased vascular accidents, disappointments still exist in three directions: (i) Unsatisfactory maintenance of vascular health, (ii) Vascular accidents still occur in spite of aggressive treatment and (iii) Deterioration after major surgical interventions. Exploration for additional preventive agents would be justified under the three special situations. A specific, safe and effective preventive agent using cardio-protective herbal items could be the answer. Ten years' research on a simple herbal formula has resulted in a two-herb combination, consisting of Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix et Rhizoma and Puerariae Lobatae Radix. The formula has been studied extensively on cardiovascular biological platforms and then put on three clinical trials. In the laboratory, the formula was found to have the biological effects of anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, anti-foam cell formation on vascular endothelium, and vasodilation. Clinical trials using ultrasonic carotid intima thickness as a surrogate marker showed very significant benefits. No significant adverse effects were encountered. It is therefore recommended that the herbal formula could be used as an adjuvant therapy for those who require additional cardio-protective support.
著者Leung P.-C., Koon C.-M., Lau C.B.-S., Chook P., Cheng W.K.-F., Fung K.-P., Kwok T.C.-Y., Woo K.-S.
出版作品名稱Development of an effective cardiovascular protective agent using evidence-based research platforms
出版社Cardiology Academic Press
頁次4235 - 4248
關鍵詞Cardiovascular protection, Herbal formula

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