Self-care foot assessment and e-Health services for diabetic foot ulcer patients: a mobile phone app
Publication in refereed journal

摘要Foot complications from diabetes mellitus are one of main causes of lower limb amputation, however, public awareness of diabetic foot care is low. A mobile app “Happy Feet” was developed,s targeting patients with diabetic foot ulcers (DFU). Patients foot awareness substantially increased after three and six months of using the application. Mean total scores between baseline and three months were significantly increased (baseline versus three months, 22.80 versus 25.54; p<0.01), and between three and six months in “examining between the toes” and “breaking in new shoes slowly” (p<0.01). Policymakers and medical professionals benefit from the mobile app by providing accurate and precise information from this group of patients.
著者Samuel Ka-Kin Ling, Sally Hi-Shan Cheng, Lung-Fung Tse, Wai-Wang Chau, Kevin Ki-Wai Ho
期刊名稱Wounds Asia
出版社OmniaMed Communications Ltd
頁次8 - 14
關鍵詞Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Service development and delivery

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