Professional qualifications of teachers for English for primary and secondary education–A brief comparison between Hong Kong and China
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摘要Entry to the teaching career in most education systems nowadays is based on academic qualifications and professional credentials. The requirements and trainings for teachers of English vary in different regions and countries. This short review presents the professional preparation of pre-service teachers of English and the English language qualification examinations for teachers in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Hong Kong has been a British colony for over 100 years and it has become the special administrative region of China since 1997. English has always been an important language in the city for business and other commercial activities with other parts of the world. The training of teachers of English in Hong Kong could feature a double degree in education and English language, an English-related degree with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), or a non-English-related degree with PGDE and postgraduate study in the subject knowledge. On top of teaching practices in real school
settings, undergraduate programmes offer students the opportunities in immersing into English speaking countries to further polish their language skills. In order to benchmark the English ability of teachers, the Language Proficiency
Assessment for Teachers (LPATE) was introduced since 2000. On the other hand, English is a crucial foreign language for China in connecting with the world due to its rapid development. The normal universities in China have a long history in delivering teacher training, and students are granted the teaching licences upon graduation. In addition, the Test for English Majors – Band 8 is deemed as a high-level qualification for teachers of English and other students taking English-related subjects. The present review points out that the English language is an important subject at schools in regions like Hong Kong and China. Thus, trainings for the pre-service teachers are continuously improved and the regional testing systems are developed to ensure the English proficiency of the teachers.
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關鍵詞pre-service teachers training, language assessment for teachers,Hong Kong, Mainland China

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